Control Employee Health Plan Costs

Our groundbreaking service provides real-time data to the funders of health insurance that prevents fraud and identity theft before the claims are paid. This helps self-insured employers and carriers reduce costs and meet regulatory requirements associated with their employee health care plans.

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We Help Lower Health Insurance Costs for Health Plans Associated With –

Self-Insured Business with 200+ Employees


National Divisional Companies

School Districts


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More than 40 million individuals were impacted by healthcare data breaches in 2021. Health insurance identities are worth $250-$1000 each on the underground market. (Source: Experian)

Fraud makes up 8% to 20% of the total cost of healthcare, according to multiple sources.

A single data breach costs healthcare organizations an average of $9.23 million. (IBM)

Lifting the Veil and Identifying Where Your Healthcare Dollars Are Spent

Self-insured plans and high deductible health plans (HDHPs) bear the risk of healthcare costs, especially those caused by health system data breaches and fraudulent healthcare transactions. Castlestone instantly receives information and flags suspicious activity to identify and investigate potential risks and prevent inappropriate payments more easily. 

Instead of ‘zero factor’ authentication of the claim, we implement ‘zero trust’ with multiple factor authentication – verifying the time and location of the visit – just like you see on your credit card statement.


Easy set-up (No hardware or software required)

Our cloud-based system lets you start tracking health transactions without any additional hardware or software.


Real-time data analysis

Review all healthcare transactions as they happen and generate reports that flag potential fraud.


Services available anywhere throughout the country

Track and review transactions that take place anywhere in the country.


Encrypted/password protected

Use our services with peace of mind, knowing your information is secure.


No personally identifiable information

Protect yourself and your health insurance members from identity fraud.

Here’s How It Works

Plan members receive member ID cards that can be read by any existing credit card terminal in the U.S.

Rules engine allows point-of-sale terminal to generate alerts.

Real-time portal receives, displays, and processes card transactions and integrates data with internal systems.

During the claims process, the system matches details of each transaction with the corresponding claim.

Public and Private Organizations Saved Millions Thanks to Our Fraud Protection.

Address Healthcare Fraud Head On.

Don’t Wait for Rising Insurance Premiums to Care About Healthcare Fraud Protection.