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Castlestone – Guardians of Your Health Identity

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Leverage financial technologies for healthcare transactions and improve your ROI.

Our journey started in 1990 when Founder and President Jeff Leston, took pattern recognition technology used to uncover credit card fraud and adapted it to identify health insurance fraud. His vision: to marry the clinical and financial sides of healthcare using proven, in-place services and technologies, while allowing healthcare to take advantage of the advances made by the financial services industry.

While advising a large insurer in 2006, Leston discovered the front-end of the card networks – the card, terminal, and data communications capabilities, could deliver real-time healthcare information from the point of care. He then developed an approach to take data from card transactions and make them healthcare-specific.

Since then, Castlestone Advisors, LLC, has been assisting self-insured companies, municipalities, franchises, unions, and national companies in efforts to educate them of their fraud risk and help them to reduce ongoing healthcare costs.

Castlestone has saved millions for public and private companies by preventing fraud and finding those  otherwrise not detectable.

Jeff Leston

Jeff Leston

President & Founder

Jeff Leston worked as an analyst, banker, and investor in health care information systems and services companies, completing corporate finance, strategic and merger and acquisition assignments for software, medical delivery and services companies. These companies include HBO & Company (now McKesson), Physicians Computer Network (now WebMD), Shared Medical Systems (purchased by Siemens) and more.

Prior to working on Wall Street, Jeff was a principal in a technology and operations consulting firm, specializing in automation of the financial services industry. In 1989, he began developing solutions for the health industry based on financial services practices.

Jeff has authored several articles on the use of information technology as a marketing tool. He has also spoken at industry associations, testified to state legislatures and advised congress on technologies needed to fight fraud in healthcare programs. He is responsible for the creation and implementation of the technology behind HR 6690 Fighting Fraud and Protecting Senior Care Act, which passed the US House of Representatives in September 2018.

With Jeff’s experience in finance, healthcare and technology, Castlestone is also supported with some of the most forward-thinking technologists. Our developers have worked with Bell Labs, Digital Equipment, Telecom Italia and others to develop some of the world’s leading high performance and high availability solutions for communications, healthcare and government.

Protect Your Identity

Over 150 million Americans have had their medical identities stolen in the last 5 years. Many self-insured companies carry risk of fraud, including rising costs. These identities are worth between $250-$1,000 on the dark web. Why? Because no health insurance claims system can tell whether a stolen identity is behind the claim.

Castlestone can.