Self-Insured Multi-Location Corporation Health Insurance Monitoring

Prevent, detect and deter healthcare fraud in self-insured plans, lowering costs, reducing liability, and protecting employees from identity theft.

Larger self-insured companies with employees across the country, have a more difficult and complex task in overseeing the integrity of payments they make. At $22,000 per employee per year in healthcare costs, minimal oversight enables fraud.

Historically, claims are paid without the business knowing what they are paying for, and even more, healthcare fraud happens daily, so millions of dollars are lost. A single location may not generate enough data to signal a pattern, and administrators can’t focus on many small locations.

By using existing card payment terminals, we monitor all healthcare transactions at the point of care and then notify your team of fraudulent or suspicious activity so you can refuse claims and stop payment. After years of adopting this model, the cybersecurity industry is now tilting toward a “zero-trust” architecture, something Castlestone has been delivering for years.

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Why Corporations Choose Castlestone:

  • Preventing fraud with data not otherwise available
  • Easy implementation – no hardware or software needed
  • Helps plan sponsors meet ERISA fiduciary mandates
  • Scalable to any sized business
  • Proven results audited by the U.S. Government
  • Simple monitoring
  • Can analyze some encounters in real-time; all others before payments are due

Find out how we can help you gain more control over your health insurance.