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Fraud or inappropriate health claims can cost self-insured employers between $1,085 and $1,860 per year. In some cases, investigating such instances of fraud can cost even more money and – most importantly – time.

With Castlestone’s services, we can identify and flag potential risks to your health identity and prevent inappropriate payments for as little as $3 per employee, per month.

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Make the Most of Your Health Plan


We utilize existing payment networks to prevent, detect and deter fraud and medical identity theft.


The costs to set-up, implement, and customize our system are a fraction of other fraud protections.


Our clients see immediate results as soon as the system is implemented and can continue to monitor and measure effectiveness the longer it’s in use.


Based on accepted estimates of fraud and abuse, for each 1% of fraud that our services prevent, the ROI is more than 125%.

How We Know Our Services Work


Estimated ROI for Verification of Claims for Federal Government (Medicare)


Estimated ROI for Verification of Claims for State Government

Self-Insured Employers Also Saw…


  • Reduced claims for services with no physician authorization
  • Reduced billing for phantom patients, per-physician billings

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Don’t wait for rising insurance premiums and stolen medical identities to care about healthcare fraud protection.