Comprehensive Group Health Insurance Plan Monitoring For School Districts

School board members, district financial managers and staff organizations, strive to give your school district employees the best health benefits. You also have the responsibility of controlling costs for your taxpayers. These benefits, however, are often accompanied by risks for medical identity theft through fraudulent health claims. An increasingly common form of identity theft, fraudulent health claims cause inflated costs and lead to higher premiums if not handled properly. Castlestone is the first fraud-detecting software that provides real-time information for healthcare transactions, preventing medical identity theft. This enables you to stop fraud before it happens, prevent excessive payments and protect the health information of your plan’s members.
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  • Easy set-up and no software required
  • Services available throughout the country
  • Verify claims and plan member activity at the point of care
  • High estimated ROI and proven results

Discover how Castlestone can benefit you and your school district.