Self-Funded Health Insurance Fraud Prevention

Manage your employee’s health insurance better by reducing costs, fraudulent and erroneous claims, and your liability, while overseeing the entities that administer your health plan.

Our clients see an average 350% return on investment when they use our services.


Estimated Health Insurance Fraud

Per Employee Per Year

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Self-insurance also means that plan sponsors take on take on the risk of fraud and identity theft – something usually not considered as part of that decision. The health plan’s executives and sponsors are also at greater personal of liability under ERISA. They have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure plan assets are properly used and accounted for, just as they do for retirement funds.

Also, self-insured companies often don’t realize that a breach of a hospital computer system in their area also puts their employees, families and plan assets at greater risk.

By monitoring health insurance transactions in real-time, we can notify your benefits management and financial management of suspicious activity, phantom claims, or fraud at the point of service, so you don’t pay unnecessary claims.

Implementation is easy and results are guaranteed.